our mission is to bring fibre-like internet speeds and reliability to anyone anywhere anytime

internet is a need

fast and reliable internet empowers businesses, drives innovation and improves lives

fibre isn't ubiquitous

while fibre is the gold standard, the sweeping majority of us do not and will not have access to it

mobile is limited

while the vast majority of us are within mobile broadband coverage,
its performance is limited

the future is now

we bring fibre-like internet anywhere mobile broadband coverage is available
our patented wifi router combines multiple wired and mobile infrastructures into a single super connection

super fast

swag delivers speeds multiple times faster than what any single network can provide

super flexible

our router can combine up to 3 mobile networks and any type of wired network, including xDSL

super reliable

swag evens out network ups and downs and dramatically improves reliability

super coverage

swag combines network coverage areas to fill in blind spots and sidestep cell edges
at home

at home

high-speed swag connections provide a strong alternative to fibre for home internet
at work

at work

swag connections meet and exceed the requirements of enterprise applications
on the go

on the go

swag's car socket compatible design provides unbeatable
in-transit connectivity


from downtown to the countryside, swag always delivers the best possible mobile connectivity

get swag

swag requires zero infrastructure upgrades and is available for
white-labeling and enterprise use

latest news

seba we're honored to have won the
2017 SME & Entrepreneurship Business Award
for Mega Potential Startup
october 2017
sea we're proud to have powered live streams for the 2017 Southeast Asian Games held
in Kuala Lumpur
august 2017
aim we're thrilled to have won PlaTCOM Venture's High Impact Programme grant under
the Malaysian Innovation Agency
july 2017
wbc we're proud to have powered the official live stream for the 1st World Boxing Council
event in Malaysia since 1975
july 2017
magic we're excited to have been selected for the e@Stanford program by the Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre june 2017
mvno congress meet us in Nice, France at
the MVNO World Congress
april 2017
teraju we're thrilled and honored to have won the prestigious Teraju SUPERB grant awarded by
the Prime Minister's Department
february 2017
apicta we're honored to have been selected as finalists for Best of Communications Applications at the 2016 MSC Malaysia APICTA Awards october 2016
rice bowl we're honored to have been nominated by the Cradle Fund for Startup of the Year at the 2016 ASEAN Rice Bowl Startup Awards october 2016
sabah our POC in East Malaysia commissioned by the Ministry of Communications showed a 100% uptime and a 300% average speed up april 2016
mwc meet us in Barcelona, Spain at the
Mobile World Congress
in Hall 8.0 booth 8.0J20
february 2016
cradle we're thankful and excited to have won the prestigious CIP Catalyst grant awarded
by the Cradle Fund
february 2016